Outdoorsiness.com supplies RV electrical meters for your metered RV pedestals. These meters can help you better manage your park and users electrical usage. Metering your sites allows you the option to recoup electical costs from your tenants. These devices are for sub-metering park use only.

This energy meter with electronic LCD register displaying 5 digits. Use only on single phase, 240 volts, 200 amps max, 3 wire services.

These Utility Grade meters have been removed from service and reconditioned and certified. If you are selling power back to the utility grid, you can keep track of how much power your system is generating.

The meters have been remanufactured by some of the most reputable companies and are guaranteed. Each meter is certified to have been restored to the original manufacturer’s specifications. Each meter is skillfully adjusted by trained technicians on automatic testing equipment according to procedures specified by the American National Standard Code for Electricity Metering (ANSI C-12.1-2008). Accuracy has been carefully calibrated to within 0.5%. CEC approved.