Bi-Level Drinking Fountain with Pet Hydrant


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Our Bi-Level water Fountain is the perfect addition to your dog park, city park, playground or city streets.   With both visitors in mind this product is sure to be a hit.  Catering to both your two legged and 4 legged friends you’ll be leaving no one out!  This dual human and pet water fountain features stainless steel construction made to last with a vandal resistant access panel.  Each hydrant comes standard with a push button activator for ease of use.   Keep you visitors happy and their pets happier!  Available in stainless, green or blue.




  • Resistant to sunlight, heat, moisture and wear
  • Push-button requiring less than 5 pounds for activation
  • scratch resistant finish12 gage, heavy duty stainless steel, corrosion and
  • Vandal resistant stainless steel access panel
  • 18 gage, 304 stainless steel basin
  • Non-Squirt Bubbler Anti-Rotation Polished Stainless Steel,


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