Bi-Level Square Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain


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Product Description:

Modern yet simple this dual square stainless drinking fountain is the perfect choice for multiple ages and or heights.   A water source is a necessity to keep visitors at east and allow for re-hydration on a long day.  Each water fountain is made to last and constructed with 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel fountain mounted into a 12 gauge, heavy duty support arm.  Operating on a pressure range of 20-105 psig the water is activated by a push button.  Fixture meets ADA, when mounted appropriately.




  • Resistant to sunlight, heat, moisture and wear
  • non-squirt push-button bubbler
  • vandal resistant screws
  • Wall brackets
  • 12 gauge hevy duty stainless steel am
  • 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel bowl
  • Child and Adult ADA compliant (when installed appropriately)
  • P-trap, 1-1/4″ od

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