Frankford Lifeguard Umbrella Aluminum 6.5 Foot Wide Hexagon Manual Tilt Umbrella


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This high quality 6.5 foot lifeguard umbrella has 5.0 mm chrome plated steel ribs with stainless steel joints and rivets. The stainless steel parts and a silver mist coated frame provides protection from the sun. The 1 3/8″ diameter upper aluminum pole and 1 1/2″ diameter lower attachment pole has a heavy gauge tilt mechanism. The durable 9 oz. acrylic fabric top has triple stitched pockets and is built to last. This is the perfect umbrella for shade in your resort, hotel, or indoor pool.





  • Available frame options include: Manual Lift No Tilt , Manual Lift with Push Button Tilt, Crank Lift with Push Button Tilt
  • Superior 5mm steel ribs are supported by a 1.6 mm thick aluminum center pole on the crank lift, and a 1.3mm thick aluminum center pole on the manual lift, and manual lift with push button tilt
  • 1.375” diameter upper pole, 1.5” diameter lower pole provides incredible strength and durability
  • Non-twisting end tips won’t tear through the fabric, or become loose, ensuring the canopy will always look its best
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout
  • Choose from 9 oz. marine grade acrylic fabric or heavy gauge vinyl material



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