Hot Coal & Ash Bin


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Don’t forget the ash bin! A perfect complement to any grill, the ash bin will allow your guest to safely and effectively clean up after grill use.  The bins will help keep your public picnic areas clean and discourage unwanted trash fires or from users littering coal on park ground. The 23″ top funnels down into a 12 in diameter to allow flow of coals into the trash bin.

The hot coal been is made to be anchored to a concrete pad.  Users can deposit their ashes through the top grate.  The ashes collect on the concrete pad inside the Bin.  When it’s time for clean out, open the door and scoop out the ashes with a flat shovel.  The square corners of the Coal Bin and the flat concrete surface will allow for complete clean out.

The Hot Coal Bin also serves as a convenient depository for park maintenance personnel to dump ashes as they periodically clean out pedestal park grills.


  • 23 x 23″ x 32-1/2″ tall.
  • Fabricated from 14 ga. (1/16″) steel
  • 1/2″ dia. steel bars for the grate
  • Designed for 32 in trash bin (not included)

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