Recessed Outdoor Bottle Filler


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Product Description:

Recessed bottle filler water fountain is the perfect complement to your park, city streets or campground.   A water source is a necessity to keep visitors at east and allow for re-hydration on a long day.  Catering to guest who are doing their part for the environment and looking for a quick bottle fill up!  Water bottle fillers give back not only to the environment, but keep trash off city streets.  When installed properly, the bottle filler complies with ADA forward and side reach requirements.   Each hydrant comes standard with bottle filler activated by a 9 volt sensor or a push-button as standard.   Available in stainless, green, red or blue.




  • Resistant to sunlight, heat, moisture and wear
  • Gasket door for weather & vandal resistance
  • Meets ADA forward and side reach
  • 1 GPM fill rate
  • Push-button and hands free sensor options
  • 115v Plug-in transformer

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