Vinyl Strap Maintenance & Cleaning

Cleaning Vinyl Strap Pool Furniture

Vinyl Strap Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance of your vinyl strap furniture will maintain the appearance, functionality and ultimately longevity of your commercial strap pool furniture. For long life of your strap pool furniture we advise against using harsh or abrasive chemicals; such as wax, cleaners, or bleach. The reason strap lounges and strap lounge chairs are so popular is their natural ability to last a long time.  With that said, it is always advisable to do regular maintenance so you or yoru guests can enjoy season after season.  The vinyl straps on chaise lounges and pool chairs can become oily, dirty and even sometimes moldy from sun tan lotions, dirt, weather and moisture. Protecting your patio strap furniture from, chemicals, dirt, and debris such as leaves (which sometimes contain staining tannins) keep your furniture looking brand new for years to come. 


Warning! Common mistakes

  • Bleach, chlorine, kitchen cleaners, ammonia and abrasives cleaning agents can strip off your straps ultraviolet protection.  This can lead to premature fading.
  • Do not dip your strap furniture in the pool to clean.  The chemicals can slowly strip the ultraviolet protection away leading to premature fading

What You Need

• Hose with spray nozzle or clean water
• Mild detergent / dish soap
• Bucket
• Soft-bristled scrub brush

Step 1:
Spray or dampen your pool furniture thoroughly with the hose to remove loose dirt, leaves and debris from the straps and frame. Spraying the furniture will help loosen any contaminants, making cleaning with a brush easier.

Step 2:
Combine ¼ cup of mild detergent or dish soap into a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water.  Next, mix the solution to ensure the soap dissolves, creating suds.

Step 3:
Once your solution is properly mixed you can dip your soft bristled brush into the soapy water, scrubbing the vinyl straps one at a time. It is always advised to work from the top down. Use a garden hose to rinse the brush’s bristles with clean water as needed.

Step 4:
Once completed and fully brushed you may rinse your furniture down with clean water to remove the soap and remaining dirt. Allow to air dry in the sun.