Cedar Furniture – How To Seal Your New Purchase

Cedar Furniture – How To Seal Your New Purchase

Staining Your New Cedar Purchase


Cedar furniture, is known by its color and rustic appeal.  It is a highly popular choice  for both indoor and outdoor furniture. In its natural state, cedar is a very durable wood, aesthetically pleasing, splinter proof and is naturally resistant to insects.  Cedar furniture is also highly prized due to its ability to last for years in its natural state. Stains and clear coat sealants are a great option to protect your new cedar furniture from dampness, loss of color, and further resist decay.  Because of this, staining and coating your new purchase can increase durability and potentially save you money in the long run!



Lightly sand your cedar wood furniture to make sure it’s ready for your sealant. Sanding is especially necessary on older cedar or wood that has previously been exposed to the elements. It is important to not over-sand the wood as cedar wood is relatively soft.  If you prefer to use an electric sander, make sure you take your time as to not over-sand. Sanding the wood lightly by hand with 120-220 grit is the recommended method.



Make sure the wood is clean by using a vacuum, lint free rag or tack cloth; wiping down your furniture will ensure an even coating of stain.  Next apply wood stain using the manufactures recommendations.  Stains can be applied with a cloth, bristle or foam brush (always follow the grain when staining).  The longer the stain is applied doesnt necessarily mean the darker the stain will be.  This leaves it open to dark spots and streaks.  Its important to wipe down your project any any unabsorbed stain to further eliminate these streaks and dark spots.


Oil-Based Stains

  • Gives a longer working time, enabling you to stain larger projects without the worry of dry marks
  • Oil stains do not raise the grain and eliminate or reduce the need for additional sanding
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Water-Based Stains


  • Are lower odor vs oil-based stains.
  • Dry faster and allowing you to complete multiple coats sooner
  • Require only soap and water for clean-up
  • Come in a wider range of colors

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