DOGIPOT® Green Aluminum DOGVALET (1001-2)


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The Green Aluminum DOGVALET is an important addition to your park,
allowing people who have traveled to your playground with their dog to
pick up their dog mess even if they didn’t bring any bags with them. The
Green Aluminum DOGVALET is a great addition to your playground, and can
provide 400 bags within a front-locking access panel. The box has two
slots to let dog walkers take bags, and the instructions on how to use
the DOGVALET are printed right on the front of the box. You will be able
to provide ample amounts of bags within the box, cutting down on the
need to refill




  • Refill with the Litter Pick up Bags and Liner Trash Bags
  • Aluminum case is lightweight but sturdy
  • Design makes it easy to tear off single bags
  • Provides litter bags and a can to put them into
  • High-capacity container needs to be emptied less often


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