Moon Valley Rustics – Cedar furniture, a cut above the rest

Moon Valley Rustics – Cedar furniture, a cut above the rest

Moon Valley Rustic – Cedar furniture, A Cut above the rest


Moon Valley Rustic Furniture was founded in 1928 and is known for producing the greatest quality log furniture available. In their 24,000 sq. ft. Redford, MI production facility, each item is created hand by hand to the highest available standards. They are able to devote a lot of attention to quality because each and every piece is hand crafted.

The manufacturing technique of Moon Valley Rustic means you’ll end up with a better, longer-lasting piece of furniture. The cedar used in our products is sourced from the United States, as is all of our Ponderosa Pine. Moon Valley is also the only rustic furniture manufacturer that uses hand-cut curved contoured seating, which comes from the Western United States. While sitting in our classic furniture, the “Butt Cut” provides better comfort and support. This 80-year-old secret technique, will be notice instantly. You can feel the distinction when you compare our design to other manufactures.


To sum it up, Moon Valley is a well-known and trusted furniture maker that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces. They also offer items stained or varnished, which makes us one of the few rustic log furniture manufacturers with this option.

Moon Valley Rustic Furniture is a family-owned and operated manufacture. They take pleasure in every piece, and work hard to provide the very best. Take a look at all their offerings at

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