Choosing the right commercial picnic table.

Choosing the right commercial picnic table.

Buyer’s Guide for Picnic Tables


Lets face, there are a few necessities that users expect at campground campsites and one of these are picnic tables.  While often overlooked, take a stroll through your park and see how many families and friends are gathered around your picnic tables eating, laughing and celebrating life.  Giving your guests a positive experience and the luxury of a campsite gathering place doesn’t have to be a  hair raising topic.  As a campground or park owner there are many deciding factors that go into which direction you want to take.  Hopefully the below information will help narrow down your search.





Picnic Table Maintenance


Low Maintenance?


When buying a picnic table, maintenance and longevity is probably at the top of your list.  Weather, sun, spills, mold, abuse and insects are all things to take into consideration when selecting your picnic table.


Metal picnic table are the strongest, longest lasting options on the market.  While they are the most expensive initial investment wise they are going to last the longest.  They are just about maintenance proof and offer a no hassle option.  If your budget allows, these tables are the perfect option, made of steel and coated for longevity.  We would recommend metal tables in high traffic areas and or in certain environments where weather can be a factor as well.


 A few good options for low maintenance picnic tables include:


  • Perforated or Expanded metal picnic tables- These are the metal tables with small holes in them. The holes allows for rain and spills to easily fall through.  These tables are generally coated with a thick plastic like coating.
  • Thermoplastic coated- This is one of the toughest coatings around! It’s a thick coating that helps keep your picnic tables cool, even on the hottest summer days. It’s also maintenance-free and lasts for a very long time.
  • Recycled plastic- Reduce your carbon footprint with a picnic table made from recycled plastic. These tables are maintenance-free and strong enough for extreme weather.




Wood Options


We love the look of wood as it blends into your campground setting.  If pricing is the driving factor we recommend purchasing picnic table frames.  Generally purchasing the frame alone is the most economical solution.  Taking into consideration freight charges associated with full picnic tables, the cost savings of shipping frames alone will offset the cost to purchase wood locally. While there may be more up front labor (purchasing and installing wood planks) this is the perfect solution for most campsites.  You get the ability to choose your own wood and wood stain.  In addition the metal frames will last a lifetime if properly maintained.

Traditional 6ft Wooden Picnic Table



Keeping your Wooden Picnic Tables Nice


If you decide to opt for the classic wooden table, protecting them yearly with a sealant can significantly expand their life.  We recommend doing this annually.  For preparations, if doable a pressure washer can work wonders. If not some mild bleaching off of the tables will help prevent and destroy the growth of mildew.  Lastly, finish off by sealing them with a water-based sealant. Preserving the wood with a sealant, stain or paint, will keep your table looking nice and lasting from season to season.




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