How to grow your campground or Rv Park

How to grow your campground or Rv Park









Now days there is no excuse to not have an online presence.  As the industry is reaching younger and younger audiences being up to date with a website, online booking and etc is a key component still overlooked by many.  With the ease of website building and booking services its a must moving forward for all RV Parks and Campgrounds.  

It is not uncommon for guests to overlook a campground entirely based on its outdated or absence of a website or social media accounts.  Giving your guests the ability to view social media accounts and see your park and all it has to offer is a great selling point.  

Keeping your online presence is a key component of staying relevant and drawing guest to your site year after year!

While you can not make every guest happy all the time you can give them the most up to date experience.  Every year products come to the market allowing you to stay in trend and marketable.  

Whether its updating old picnic tables, cabin furniture, campfire rings or pool furniture its a good idea to stay ahead of the curve.  In todays market guests are always heading online and pictures on social media platforms are a huge marketing advantage.  If your park is getting run down and dated its easy to lose creditability with onlookers. 

By balancing the best bang for your buck and giving the users a modern experience your creating value in the customers mind where they are surely to return.

Safety is an essential need for any human.  Needless to say if a guess does not feel safe they are more likely not to return or have a bad experience. 

Guest are no exception to this rule and they expect the grounds to be well maintained and equipment/amenities to be safe and free from defect. This also goes hand in hand with property maintenance, making sure holes are filled in trees are trimmed and rules are being followed. 

When a guest chooses your park they are entrusting the safety of themselves, their loved ones and personal property. 

There are always intangible and tangible items customers are going to see as adding value. It could be items that require investments such as updating your site amenities, picnic tables, common areas and etc.  It could also be the lesser seen items such as providing a maintained and secure park. 

Think like your guests and really dive into what would create the sense of value with the best bang for your investment.  Could it be offering a welcome center with free amenities, having discount food in your store, offering free nights or even having a well manicured grounds.  Whatever it is value is a key factor in guests not only staying but coming back. 



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