Thermoplastic coated commercial picnic tables

Thermoplastic coated commercial picnic tables

Thermoplastic coated commercial outdoor picnic tables


A thermoplastic coated industrial picnic table is one of the most durable metal picnic tables.

Thermoplastic is a protective covering for a metal picnic table that is applied in the form of a plastic polymer that is soft at high temperatures but hardens into a robust shell when it cools. The substance is a pliable, yet hardening, plastic polymer. After the metal parts are immersed in a fluidized bath, all of the metal is evenly coated, oven dried and cooled. This creates an industrial picnic table with tabletops and seats that are extremely long-lasting, impact-resistant, and simple to maintain. The hard covering will not peel or fracture. The surface is also resistant to liquids, including spray paint and tagging. It may be washed with a mild soap and water or an industrial cleaner if required.

Another advantage of thermoplastic coating the metal is that it prevents corrosion or rust from forming. The sun’s powerful UV rays continually damage or fade objects overtime. However, many thermoplastic anti-fade coating is resistant to UV light. As a result, the picnic table will continue to look new for many years to come. In addition the anti mold, mildew and termites resistant properties further protect these tables.


Best yet If the picnic table’s surface is mended, cut or scraped for some unusual reason, thermoplastic powder may be applied with a regular industrial heat gun to the outer layer rendering it protected again. Metal industrial picnic tables have another advantage in that they may be purchased with a perforated or expanded metal surface. This perforated surface allows liquids to flow through without pooling and sitting on the surface.

On commercial picnic tables a ectrostatically applied powder coating is used to cover the frame, which also prevents rust and corrosion. The stainless steel hardware that holds all of the components together does not rust, and it ensures that all of the parts are firmly attached. To back up the superior attributes of this amazing thermoplastic product, we offer a leading warranty.

These thermoplastic metal picnic tables are an ideal choice for factory, outdoor, picnic areas and or warehouse settings


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